Why I love Flex Fitness

Alistair Hopper
November 26th, 2013

  • Allister is a great trainer, I have had knee surgery and have bad hands and he always adapted my workouts so I could work hard to see results but wasn’t injured afterwards . I trained with him once a week for a year and trained at a gym the rest of the time with workouts he gave me and got great results and ideas for working out that I still use today . Also I liked how sometimes we would do different workouts like boxing or the trx instead of the normal cardio and weights which was fun

  • I’ve seen Alistair once or twice a week depending on my work schedule for 2 years. He always adapted to my schedule and always pushed me to reach my goals. Learnt lots from him. I was always treated as a friend and not just a customer he was training. PS. If your doing a leg work out with him make sure he shows you the elevator so you can to you car. A little pain is a good thing after a great work out!!!

  • I have worked out with Alistair for 8 years and he is worth every penny of your hard earned money. He keeps me motivated and the routines fresh and challenging, as well as fun – something I will not get from working out alone, at a gym. He is extremely amicable, approachable and always accessible – he can always be reached on his phone to answer any questions about workouts, fitness, healthy eating plans etc. I rate him 5 stars!!!

  • I have worked out with Alistair Hopper for 10 years and Flex Fitness provides a fitness experience that is second to none! Winnipeg is lucky to have such a great gym and workout facility.

  • (I swear I’m not just saying this so that Alistair doesn’t make me do battle ropes again!)

    As a person who has spent a lot of money and time in the past on gym memberships that were never used, I can attest to flex-fitness being a very different experience than other gyms. Alistair helped me set realistic goals and stick to them. He tailors each workout so that you get your money’s worth and walk away feeling both tired and accomplished. I’ve been going consistently to personal training and the weekly boot camp class for 4 months, and I see and feel the difference. The gym is clean and simple, but effective. Alistair is always adding new equipment and incorporating it into the workouts. The best part is the atmosphere… I’ve seen 11 year olds and 60 year olds – all shapes and sizes, it’s never too crowded, people are friendly, respectful, and nonjudgmental, and you always feel welcome.

    Seriously, if you’re looking to get into better shape, I recommend you give Flex a shot!

  • Jessica Smith
    July 6, 2015 at 11:28 am  - Reply

    I absolutely recommend Flex Fitness to anyone looking for group training or personal training. All of the trainers are dedicated and will work hard to help you meet your fitness goals! I definitely saw results after training there!
    Alistair is very knowledgeable, has great work out plans that incorporate lots of compound exercises to get the most out of your training session and defiantly keeps you motivated during your workouts. I looked forward to my training with him and every work out pushed me harder and closer to my goals.

  • I may have been the most unfit client Alistair has ever trained. This is the start of month 2 and I am amazed at how far I have progressed.
    I have never felt uncomfortable at Flexfitness. Alistair and his clients are such a friendly and welcoming group.
    Working with Alistair has been a very positive experience, he modifies my workouts to match my disability.
    I even got my husband training with Alistair!

  • Great trainer, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, accredited and personable. He took the time to assess my level of fitness and put together a personalized program with a great mix of high intensity cardio and strength. Great facility as well. Pleasure to train there.

  • my son Cam has been working out with his trainer (Alistair) for the last several months and absolutely loves it.. He not only is in better shape physically but mentally stronger as well. I cannot recommend Flex fitness enough! Thanks Ali

  • Alistair is super knowledgeable in fitness at whatever level you’re at and customizing a workout for your needs. I was looking at putting on more muscle mass and size. Within 6 to 7 weeks I gained quite a substantial amount of muscle and strength after plateuing for a year. Definitely very impressed with everything Alistair does. He can work with a young guy like me to older people who have different needs. Highly recommended to gymaholics looking at switching up your workout or someone looking at getting started.

  • A superb personal trainer in all aspects of fitness & healthy living. Fun and diverse workouts. Comfortable, private & well lit gym. Ali makes it suitable for any level and age. Great results!

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